During the summer, I had the distinct opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. with a number of ABC organizational leaders and several local business owners who proudly represented the members of the ABC Minnesota/North Dakota Chapter.  Our group found it interesting to witness first hand the renovations currently underway at the Capitol and amount of on-going repairs.  Speaking about making repairs in Washington, members of our ABC coalition used the opportunity to meet with key members of Congress who represent the State of Minnesota and North Dakota allowing each of us to voice our concerns over a broad range of issues affecting the private sector and making repairs on the American free enterprise system.

One of the common discussion points of our meetings with congressional leaders was the fact our legislators want to hear from all of us and appreciate constructive feedback on the challenges we face as business owners and operators. During our visit, we understood the importance of the Free Enterprise Alliance.  The Free Enterprise Alliance or FEA, is an association developed by ABC to promote merit shops and provide a united voice for our opinions and concerns.  The mission of the FEA is to create common sense regulations and promote prosperity for small businesses and entrepreneurs.   The FEA continuously seeks to further the goals of the association through direct involvement in supporting or opposing candidates for the Office of the President, United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.  This is accomplished by educating ABC members on the importance of political activism and providing financial support of candidates who believe in the merit shop philosophy.  If you believe in free enterprise and would like to support an association who truly believes in what our Founding Fathers based our country’s foundation upon by limiting government and promoting business enterprise, I would strongly consider learning more about the FEA and the important role it plays within our government.

Whenever we work together for a common goal, we can be extremely powerful.  Because of all of us, leveraging our experience and expertise together, we can promote positive change within our government.  FEA serves as an advocate for small business as well as open and fair competition within the construction industry.  Now, more than ever, it is important to get involved and support FEA.  ABC members are encouraged to continue to support FEA both through financial support by donations and also by sharing your concerns with our elected officials to help limit government involvement, promoting merit shop policies and the American free enterprise systems.  I challenge each of you to get involved making repairs in Washington and let your voice be heard.