It is said that leadership comes from passion, and not position. At EPS, Carla Struble is a leader who is truly passionate about serving the needs of each customer.Together with her husband Jim, they have built a company over the past 25 years that truly believes in providing the highest level of quality through hard work and determination. For some companies those are just words, but at EPS, those words are backed up through each employee’s daily actions. From the first day EPS opened it’s doors in July of 1988, each member of the EPS Team works hard to promote excellence in all they do, demonstrates service before self, emulates integrity to those we serve, shows empathy for others, and shares a strong foresight for the future. Each of those values serve as the pillars of our foundation and are a direct result of our company’s leadership and passion. A country girl at heart, Carla learned at a very young age what it means to serve others and has passed on those values for others to follow. It is true, strong leadership comes from passion and at EPS we are fortunate to have Carla serve as our leader.