EPS Lead Security Technician

Electrical Production Services, Inc. is a Commercial Electrical, Low Voltage, and Fiber Optics Contractor who has been in business for over 30 years and our team is currently seeking a Lead Security Technician experienced in low-voltage cabling, security and camera programming applications to join our team. Candidates should have a strong background in troubleshooting, certifying and completing low-voltage/cabling, security, fire alarm and camera projects including low voltage and security service calls from start to finish.  If you are interested in working for a company that truly values its employees and family culture, it may be well worth your time to check us out.  We are seeking a strong leader who is motivated and is looking to expand their expertise. Our company offers highly competitive wages, paid health, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, 401K matching plan, short-term disability and provides each new team member with a new Hilti Tool set.  If you are interested in becoming a part of growing and exciting company and looking to expand your knowledge in low-voltage and technology applications, we may have the ideal position for you.  If interested, please e-mail your resume to: or call me at 952-564-6471.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Serves as the Project Lead (able to install all various types of security monitoring systems, burglar security systems, door access systems, experience in fire alarm installations.  Knowledge on programming VMS (Video Maintenance Software), ACS (Access Control Software), Burglar Systems. Systems and basic Fire Alarm Panel programming with capabilities of training customers on the system.
  • Understands the integration of Door Access Systems with different types of door hardware for proper functionality.  Needs to understand all appropriate fire codes for proper Door Access installations with the integration of door hardware.   
  • Must be able to perform camera system installations utilizing a bucket lift truck.   
  • Understands proper focusing and placement of physical cameras for best application possible.
  • Reports directly to the Technology Project Manager
  • Knowledge of all low voltage and electrical codes (BICSI certified level 3), (NICET 2).
  • Reports all projects weekly to Technology Project Manager for status of all current projects for profit and loss status (hours and material needs).
  • Makes sure all technicians follow proper installation guidelines per architecture specifications, BICSI, and customer standards.
  • In charge of following through with Safety Program and manual set forth by EPS.  Keeps track of all safety violations, near misses, or concerns in the field and report all issues to Technology Project Manager.
  • Works with all construction managers, and customers on project status, performance, change orders, and all communications that pertain to the current project and turns them into the Technology Project Manager.
  • Works directly with Technology Project Manager ordering materials required for each project.
  • Assists in completing closeout documents for current customers, construction manager, or architect.  This will include all required certifications, auto cad drawings, IP address documentation, testing of all security cabling, customer sign off sheets, and O & M manuals.
  • Works directly with Technology Project manager in consolidating project information which includes, but not limited to (scope of work, material list, prints, project information such as site contact, site addresses, programming information, proper billing information).
  • Works directly with Technology Project Manager to ensure all company vehicles are fully supplied with all necessary tools and equipment for service and base projects, assists with developing list for needed supplies for each company vehicle and assist with keeping track on status of materials within vehicles for security installations.
  • Assists in making certain all company testers and equipment are in top working condition, and reports any repairs needed to be made to testers or equipment to the Technology Project Manager.
  • All signed out company tools (ladders, video testers, etc.) will be the responsibility of the individual signing the requested equipment out, if they are lost lead tech is responsible for reporting the item missing asap to the Warehouse Manager. Makes sure that all equipment is secured when technicians are not on site.
  • Site must be cleaned up each day after day’s end all materials on floor must be cleared up and properly disposed of in company vehicles or proper secured storage location on current job site. 
  • Works with Technology Project Manager to ensure that all time cards and expense reports are properly documented and submitted for proper payroll personal.    
  • Required to meet with the Technology Project Manager before the start each to review scope of work.    
  • In charge of communicating job needs and tasks for each project to base techs in the field.
  • Attends all company meetings and training sessions as required.
  • Communicates company safety issues directly to the Technology Project Manager.
  • Ensures that all change orders are signed off by customer or contractor and processed through the Technology Project Manager for proper billing.
  • Makes sure all Security Systems locations are labeled per customers labeling scheme at both closet and stations end location using a proper labeler.
  • In charge of all extra material at projects end and placing it into EPS inventory and or handing it over to the Technology Project Manager for proper return and credit to distributors for the project.   
  • Completes all other required tasks as directed by the Technology Project Manager or EPS ownership.      


  • Must be registered as a Licensed/Unlicensed Power Limited Technician within the State of Minnesota (BICSI certified level 3), (NICET 2).
  • Experience in Security, Fire Alarm, Burglar Systems and low voltage applications for commercial applications
  • Effective communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills to establish and maintain cooperative work relationships with others.
  • Understanding of how to interpret scopes of work and blueprints
  • Outstanding leadership and keen sense for detail skills
  • Ability to foresee events and anticipate changes in conditions and operations to the greatest extent possible and the ability to react and provide effective solutions
  • Produce high quality of work in a consistent, accurate, thorough and timely manner. 
  • Proficient with all EPS tools and equipment and able to train others on proper use and operation
  • Must be very adept at the use of technology software systems and computer programs


  • Be able to give and receive detailed information through verbal and written communication.
  • Operate motor vehicles, driving to and from work sites, corporate offices and materials locations.
  • Sufficient vision to read instructions, blueprints, documents, etc., as well as to drive in daylight and at night and to avoid hazards on the job site.  Must be able to distinguish colors in order to identify wiring and fiber in warehouse.
  • Apply extensive physical mobility (manual dexterity, reaching, bending, climbing, crawling, kneeling, arm and leg extension) to supervise and perform routine activities including the ability to climb stairs and ladders, run conduit, etc.
  • Possess extensive arm and hand mobility and strength to lift, hold, reach, carry, push and pull commonly used materials.  Able to use power and hand tools on construction site.  Able to move tools and materials into and out of vehicles.
  • Regularly lift and move 20 – 35 pounds.  Occasionally lift up to 50 to 100 pounds. 
  • Walk over uneven terrain, over debris and other obstacles.
  • Regularly withstand Minnesota hot and cold weather conditions to perform outdoor responsibilities.


  • Be familiar with and able to use standard Microsoft computer programs for word processing, spread sheets, e-mail and other applications. 
  • Must wear appropriate protective safety-wear when present on a construction site.
  • May experience daily exposure to dirt, dust, dampness, construction debris, and odors from the warehouse or construction settings or work sites.

Job Requirements

Registered as an unlicensed/licensed Power Limited Technician with the State of Minnesota

Experienced in low-voltage cabling, fire alarm, security and camera programming applications

Excellent communication skills with the ability to successfully collaborate with customers and team members

Possess solid problem-solving capabilities

Keen sense of attention to detail

Valid MN Driver’s License


Lead Security Technician

Location: Chanhassen, MN

Employment Type: Full-Time (Exempt)

Salary: Competitive hourly wage based on experience and qualifications