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Poor connectivity creates incredible business challenges

  • Frustration with slow and unreliable networks
  • Concern over frequent network downtimes
  • Difficulty managing complex telecom infrastructure
  • Stress from high operational costs due to inefficient systems
  • Feeling unease about integrating new technologies

Your business deserves better connections

EPS Telecom Services keep you connected, competitive, and always there for your customers.

Fiber Optic Splicing

High-speed, reliable telecom networks are essential. Whether you have single or multi-mode fiber, our fiber optic splicing ensures your network transmits data faster, see less downtime, and achieves long-term savings.

Outside Plant

Business happens anywhere—indoors or out. Be there for it. Our outdoor telecom infrastructure service does directional drilling, cable placement, and infrastructure relocation—with minimal impact on surrounding areas.

Inside Plant

The what’s inside the counts. Our indoor telecom services handles building entries, demarc extensions, and risers builds. We even work with you to design a fiber path that’s seamless and efficient.

Directional Drilling

Environmentally friendly. Full of impact. Our direction drilling services ensures precise and effective installation of telecom infrastructure to minimize disruption and speed up the construction phase.

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