Access Control

Access is everything.

Your people and possessions are only as safe as your tightest security. That starts with limiting, and knowing, who you let into your buildings. With our access-control partners, EPS will help you develop your infrastructure and install low-voltage security solutions — so you can have better control over who is welcomed in — and who is not.


Benefits of Low-Voltage Access

Utilizing secure and programmable RFID technology within necessary key fobs or cards, and even mobile devices, low-voltage access makes for a better system than traditional metal keys. With a key fob, you can track, manage, and limit access easily.


With a low-voltage system, just hold your key fob, mobile device, or card next to the access device and you’re good to go in. With a proximity key, it’s even easier. Just walk up and walk in. Unlike metal keys that can be easily copied, a key fob can be shut off virtually instantly so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands if lost.


Better access starts at “Hello.”

See how EPS can provide low-voltage access solutions for your business.


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