Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What services does EPS provide?

EPS is a design-build electrical, fiber optics and low-voltage contractor serving businesses throughout the region.

How long has EPS been around?

EPS was founded in 1988

Who are your customers?

It depends on which service but for the most part, our customers are general contractors and municipalities. We also work directly with building owners and tenants.

What makes you different from the other electrical contractors in the market?

Our people. We share a culture of service to go the extra mile, always. We strive to do good and provide the best possible service. Plus, our team of professionals is qualified, knowledgeable and up on the latest training and trends.

What’s the biggest change you see in the industry?

Our customers want to work with companies they trust and those that can save them time and headaches. We know that by providing a turnkey solution in the power and technology industries, we can offer something that many other contractors cannot: a one-stop source for your power and technology needs.

What’s it like to work for you?

Working for EPS means that you believe in our culture. It is deep-rooted in who we are and how we show up every day for work. It also means that you enjoy benefits like 401k matching, PTO, 10 paid holidays, health insurance, HSA, life insurance, vision and dental insurance, disability, paid training, continuing education, company apparel, and an annual boot stipend.

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