Metro Transit

  • Replace an outdated camera system with a new IP camera system on 100 light rail trains for public transportation system
  • Redid the cameras, cabling network and cell antennas
  • Relationship with hardware provider, Hitachi, led to the job
  • Worked through global pandemic which caused a few delays and dictated that we were masked and socially distant as we worked
  • Finished on time and within budget


Client: Public transportation system

Type of Service Provided: Low Voltage

A public transportation system in a major metropolitan area needed to overhaul the security camera system on its light rail trains. Hitachi provided the hardware and contracted the installation portion out. Because of our prior working relationship, they came to us for the installation.

Accustomed to working in buildings, working on trains and tearing out their ceilings was a first for us. That said, we embraced the challenge of replacing the old analog cameras with a new IP camera system on close to 100 trains.

The work was scheduled to being early 2020, just as COVID-19 hit, resulting in a few delays. Finally, we began work in late spring of that year, with a tight deadline to complete the job by the end of 2020. And, we had to keep COVID restrictions in mind such as masking and social distancing as much as possible.

Trains were taken out of service as they came into the rail station so we could work on them, and because these trains weren’t designed for an IP camera system, we had to retrofit each train with the capabilities to handle the new cameras and ensure each worked properly.

The transit system had a team of technicians with us on each train to assist in our process and troubleshoot when necessary. After we completed five or six trains, we had a system down and our path forward.

Soon, we were completing between five and seven trains per week, and we were able to finish the job on time and within budget.